Crafting Emotional Resilience

Aging means change.  Some of the changes we experience with aging can create feelings of loss of control, as if we have been abducted into an unwelcome phase of life.  The good news is that we have the capacity to accept and adjust to these changes, rather than being worn-out or worn-down by them. Our capacity to deal with change is cultivated through our resilience.  As we build our resilience, we develop a reservoir of inner strength that enables us to cope with what comes our way and to favorably adjust to the challenges we face.

A key factor in building resilience is how we think about adversity.  The longer we live, the more adversity we inevitably face, so it is critical that we have an approach that empowers us.  We can choose to approach the events we encounter consciously with the intention of growth and as an opportunity to become more self-aware.  We can choose to see adversity as a powerful teacher in which we can learn valuable life lessons.

Embracing this attitude empowers us to face and accept what comes our way with courage and equanimity.  Accepting our difficulties with courage and being fiercely determined to create something meaningful from them enables us to see the possibility in every situation.  It helps us to find some silver lining in even the worst of circumstances and to garner wisdom which ultimately could lead to a deeper fulfillment of life.


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