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How to Tell Family You Can No Longer Be Caregiver

Every day, Linda Snyder goes to her mother’s house in rural Pennsylvania, gets her out of bed, gives her breakfast and dresses her. Every night, she returns to put her to bed. Sometimes, when Snyder arrives, her mother will greet her with, “’Oh, it’s you again.’ That doesn’t help,” says Snyder....
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Tax Breaks for Caregivers on Presidential Platform

Hillary Clinton- Tax Breaks for Caregivers on Presidential Platform. According to the LA Times, Hillary Clinton proposed a new tax break Sunday for those who care for aging parents and grandparents. The Democratic presidential candidate touted her latest proposal at a town hall-style meeting in this Mississippi River city about 200 miles east...
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Top 10 Duties of a Caregiver

Caregiving can be challenging, demanding and unrelenting, but for the right person, it can also be one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences in life.Learn more from our guide on the top 10 basic duties of a family caregiver.Top 10 Duties of a CaregiverAlthough a caregiver’s work varies with...
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