Give and Grow

Creating a life that will allow us to contribute to the well-being of our world in ways that are in line with our talents and affinities fills us with a sense of purpose.  We all want to feel purposeful, to feel our life has meaning, and to fulfill our desires. When we do so, we feel better. When we feel better, we treat other people better, and this produces a ripple effect that spreads out to everyone around us.  Each of us has a circle of people whose lives we can help improve. When we work to improve the lives of others, we indirectly elevate our own life in the process.

If we can perceive each moment and every passing year of our life as an opportunity to give and grow, aging can be experienced as a wondrous gift.  It is a gift that gives us time to open our hearts even wider so that we become even more willing to help and more accommodating. As we do so, our hearts are expanded, our consciousness is elevated, and we evolve.  This personal evolution can be described as our spiritual journey. In fact, aging has the potential to be the most pronounced stage of our spiritual journey.

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