Top 12 Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Shopping for a senior loved one can sometimes be challenging. If you are stumped over a gift for a senior in your life, here are some ideas to help you find something that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face this holiday season.Top 12 Holiday Gifts for SeniorsSometimes it’s hard to choose the right gift for an aging parent, grandparent or loved one. After all, they’ve had a lifetime of gifts and often have a different perspective on life than you may have. Fortunately, we have some great holiday gift ideas to help get you started…

12 Holiday Gifts for the Senior in Your Life

Blankets or throws: While this may sound obvious, you can’t go wrong with a cozy blanket or throw — and there are so many custom options available these days! Whether you’re a talented quilter who can create a homemade masterpiece, or you prefer to customize with a heartfelt photo throw from Costco or Shutterfly, this is a gift option that will warm the soul along with the aging body.

Custom gift basket: Gift baskets add the personal touch to practical products. So whether you create a care basket that includes slippers with your loved ones’ favorite lotions, bath soaps, cologne or perfume, or would rather create a custom food basket of your loved ones favorite meats, cheeses chocolates or sauces; a gift basket balances practicality with custom personality and love.

Tablets and iPads: These all-in-one devices are in many ways tailored for seniors with their touch-screen technology and large print options. The social connection is important for elders, and you might be surprised how savvy your senior loved one can be with a quick tutorial on both Kindle Fire and customizable iPads. Good for entertainment, medication management and brain-exercising fun, this impressive technology is an excellent option for aging loved one.

Kitchen and bath towels: Everyone can use new kitchen and bath towels as these items are such a necessity of every day. Adding monogrammed initials or patterns that compliment the home or apartment will only enhance this gift.

Gift certificates to grocery stores and favorite dining venues: If your loved one is still independent, gift certificates to grocery stores and dining venues allows the senior to not only cut expenses grocery shopping, but also allows them an entertaining lunch or evening out for a special dining experience. This is also a great gift to help prevent senior malnutrition — an epidemic that many are unaware of in the aging population.

Smartphone: Phones are not only important for keeping the social connection — a necessary ingredient for quality of life — but also are crucial for senior safety. Many smartphones of today offer large buttons, photo speed dial, visual rings and more.

Clothes: While this may sound like a dull option, just think about it — when was the last time your senior loved one bought new clothes for him or herself? Chances are it has been years, especially with today’s recession and many seniors’ need to save money on a fixed income. Buying sweat pants, sweaters, underwear, socks or nice shirts and pants (whatever the senior in your life needs!) will assure a gift that won’t go unused.

Kitchens Essentials Set: For seniors who struggle with arthritis or limited hand strength, custom kitchen sets that cater to these conditions can make a perfect gift. OXO GOOD GRIPS Kitchen set and Arthritis Supplies both offer excellent, ergonomic options.

Photobooks, Scrapbooks and Custom Videos: Compiling memory books, scrapbooks or custom videos is a nostalgic gift option that’s sure to please. By gathering cherished photos, newspaper clippings, travel souvenirs and other mementos and compiling them into a chronological art form, the senior in your life will have a tangible piece of his or her own heritage to hold onto and savor. Videos are great because you can customize music with your seniors’ favorite tunes (learn about the power of music therapy for the elderly).

Health Management and Fitness Options: It’s important to stay fit in all seasons of life, but especially crucial for seniors to help prevent stroke, heart conditions and other common ailments that come with age. Meeting with a nutritionist, dietitian or naturopathic physician who specializes in senior health is an excellent idea to customize your loved ones’ health, nutrition and fitness plan. Often times these experts have excellent ideas to make food more enjoyable for seniors, helping to keep them both healthy and happy (learn more about senior nutrition).

Medication Management Devices: Living independently for as long as possible is the goal for many seniors. Now, more than ever, there are tech gadgets that help seniors remain safe while aiding their independence and mobility. Medication Management Systems like MedMinder, a digital pill dispenser allows you to fill your parents medicine tray, and program their medication schedule online.

Personal Emergency Response Systems: Personal emergency response systems (PERS) are getting more sophisticated. Medic alert-like pendants and wristbands can be pressed during emergencies to alert professionals and/or family members. GreatCall and MobileHelp have mobile PERS that work anywhere – and include fall detection.Do you have any other great gift ideas for seniors? Share your recommendations or additions to this list in the comments below.

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